Stacie joined the Starpeak team as an Insurance Sales Executive back in September 2019 and since, she has not only become a valued member of the team but has progressed her career through achieving additional qualifications and an internal promotion. Prior to her arrival, Stacie had no previous experience within the Insurance sector but was keen to learn.

In 2020, the global pandemic hit which had a substantial impact upon the business. All employees began working from home initially to limit contact in the office. It wasn’t until November 2020 that Stacie was put on furlough when the second national lockdown was enforced. She remained on furlough until May 2021 after non-essential businesses were able to reopen.

In May 2021 Stacie started her training with the Chartered Insurance Institute and achieved her certification in March 2022. The certification developed core knowledge which was later assessed in three exams. ‘Having the opportunity to achieve my Level 3 CII Certification and complete my apprenticeship as a Level 3 Insurance Practitioner whilst still being able to complete my daily role as an insurance executive has been extremely rewarding. I have been able to expand my insurance knowledge, not only for my current role but my general knowledge about the whole insurance market.’

Later that year in October 2022 Stacie passed her apprenticeship as an Insurance Practitioner Level 3 which was a 15-month course. To complete the apprenticeship Stacie had to build up a portfolio which consisted of 433 recorded hours with witness testimonies, evidence and more which Stacie later had to present to an examiner.

‘Once I had completed my Cert CII and apprenticeship, I was promoted to Senior Sales Executive where I have the opportunity to assist my manager with leading our team on a day-to-day basis.’

In the last couple of years, Stacie has been able to gain valuable work experience in an entirely new sector and welcomed the chance to push herself by studying for relevant qualifications. Her success enabled her to gain confidence and a deeper understanding of the business. Her achievement has led to promotion, taking on exciting new challenges and responsibilities. It has supported the running and stability of the Sales team as a whole, enabling significant growth as team members develop and achieve a higher-level sales volume.


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